Victoria’s (not so secret) Grill

We’ve been here before and their steaks and it has gotten better. The last time we came there was only one gentleman serving and one cook and it took us 2 hours. The food was good but it was such a long wait with the kids, we haven’t been back.

I tried again today for Taco Tuesday. Long story short, bring your appetite and your patience. Parking is always hard in this lot. It took us about 15 minutes to get seated and my waitress only spoke Spanish, but was super sweet.

They’re VERY short staffed and VERY popular. 3 waitresses who also acts as busboys and cashiers, 10+ tables that I can see all full, plus another room with more tables.

I pointed a lot at the menu to order. Food came out fast and was very delicious. I ordered 3 crispy shelled beef deshebrada (shredded) tacos, 2 Al pastor, and 2 carnitas. They also have ground beef (Molina) and chicken (pollo) as well. They’re also $1.50 each so a great deal.

The tacos were very very generous. They piled on the meats and I just wish there was some side garnishes like onions and cilantro to help even out the fattiness. The flavors were on point and everything was delicious. My favorite was hands down the carnitas.

They provide complimentary chips and salsas (red and green) and both had a nice spicy kick. The kids $8 chicken nuggets were ok, the fries were homemade and it came with a little side salad and even an orange slice.

I would definitely come again, but maybe a little earlier to bear the rush. We came around dinnertime 6pm-7pm and it was slammed.

They also advertised a great comida corrida (meal of the day) for $12 starting in March so looking forward to maybe trying that out sometime. Come out and #supportlocal

Victoria’s Mexican Grill
420 Talbot Ave, Canutillo, TX 79835
(915) 243-7183

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