Vote Your Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the start of early voting in El Paso. It’s from 2/14/22 to 2/25/22.🏩

I once read an essay that said my vote is my voice and that voting is an act of love. Love for yourself, your family, and your neighbors. Let your voice be heard and don’t let others choose for you. Vote for the anointed, not the appointed. 😇

“I will vote for my husband and son, parents and friends, and millions of Americans I don’t know but choose to love. It’s easy in the face of adversity to throw up our hands and say we don’t count. But our vote empowers us to take action and safeguard the American dream for our neighbors, whether they are immigrants, minorities, women, or anyone else. Our vote is our voice. So here’s my challenge to you: After heading to the polls this Election Day, call up your neighbors and friends and ask them to vote, too—for all of us. Together, we can reclaim the vote as an act of love.” 💓

Here’s where you can vote:

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