Za’atar and Bazaar

Remember when I was complaining that I couldn’t find Za’atar bread? Well guess what…I found one better. In El Paso, we have Za’atar pizza! Take that Anaheim and pay attention @foodbeast I’m talking to you (Bobby, Eli, and Rudy), you guys need to come try out El Paso food. 😉

This is the best mashup of worlds. Usually with Za’atar bread (Manakish Za’atar) is crunchier and the spice mix with olive oil softens it….but it doesn’t really reheat well. With a pizza crust though, it should be even better the next day! The only thing I wish it came with is white cheese. I think I’m going to try to put an egg on top and air fry it tomorrow for breakfast. 🍳

Roadrunner pizza is where I got this beautiful Za’atar pizza. They also have other combos as well and the pepperoni pizza was a hit with hubby. 🍕

Now if anyone knows where I can get some lahmanjoun, shaabiyat, or shish tawook in El Paso, I’ll be a happy lady. 🙏

Oh and while I was waiting for my pizza, Andrew the worker told me I should check out the resale store next door, called ReMate. I spent $30 on a bunch of items that I have wanted to buy but couldn’t justify the price, but🛒 hey, for $1 the soil meters and other things like fancy door stops and Mario party decorations are priced just right.

If you browse a lot on Amazon, like me, you’re ahead of the game for these types of pallet discount stores since they buy Amazon returns. I recognized the items and value so some items weren’t worth it, but the Dali pans and pizza racks were brand new and run $30 each, so they were steals. One man’s return is another’s treasure, so to speak. 🛍️

It’s basically the same concept as Black Friday except they have crazy sales on Friday like the one this coming Friday with Easter eggs hidden all around the store. If you find one with a number you can buy $200-$400 items (I’m looking at that motorized scooter) for $8!🛴

They have such crazy deals that people will come Thursday night and STAY THERE ALL NIGHT to be first in line at 9am. 😵

Check these places out:

Road Runner Pizza
5300 Doniphan Dr Suite #24, El Paso, TX 79932
(915) 581-3090

El Remate Discount
5300 Doniphan Dr, El Paso, TX 79932
(708) 289-2574

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