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Chinese Small Bites

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Flautas Friday?

El Paso is the place where I fell in love with flautas. It’s so different from the taquitos I grew up with. The ones I’ve had at places like with […]

El Paso is the place where I fell in love with flautas. It's so different from the taquitos I grew up with. The ones I've had at places like with weirdly similar names like Alberto's or Alaberto's, Rigaberto's, etc. Google it it's a thing:


The best ones I've had have very thin shells, light and crispy, almost like an eggroll. The fillings are diverse like papas (potatoes), my favorite deshebrada (shredded beef), pollo (chicken), or picadillo (ground beef).

Unfortunately, it's not very filling and it gets expensive quickly. You might remember my previous review of Flautas Y Tortillas Muy Salsas back in 11/2020, where I reviewed their frozen offerings, which has gone up in price from $20 to $25 for 100 flautas. Still a steal in my opinion.

Today I found out they actually will prepare and deliver to downtown for free, flautas for the unbelievable price of $3.99! I know it's Taco Tuesday but I can't wait til there's a Flautas Friday…🌮🤣

I saw their ad and jumped on it:
$3.99 +tax
Flautas especial
Order of 8 flautas with side salad, tomato souce, cream, guacamole, and cotija cheese
Order and pick-up (915) 261-8517
Or visit our store 1201 myrtle 79901
Free delivery downtown area
Estamos para servirle

Jump at this because this is glorious flautas at their very best! 😋

This is also where they caught me on camera lol

Previous review (11/2020):
Ok, so I might have found the best value meal in El Paso. Full disclosure, I've never liked frozen taquitos (thinking of the Americanized product from Walmart by El Monterrey), and have never had flautas before I came to El Paso, and never had Chico's because I've been warned. So take this review with that in mind. 🤷‍♀️

I've been indulging in Flauta plates from El Cometo and Flautas Y PalateriaTepalca since it's yummy and convenient. I live very close to both, but at $7-$9 for 5 measly flautas with some sauce and veggies, it adds up. Placeres Culposos has a better flautas deal for $6, but with Covid shutting everything down again, I wanted an easier and cheaper way to indulge. Enter Flautas La Muy Salsa…

For $20 they give you 100 flautas!!! 💯 😱🤯
They have chicken breast, potatoes, picadillo, or shredded beef and you can mix and match since they come in frozen sets of 20. They have salsas for $2, alongside the tomato sauce replica from Chico's as well. They're handmade with corn tortillas from Juarez and very generous with their fillings. 😋

They just got a fixed location 2 months ago at 1201 Myrtle Ave, El Paso, TX 79901. I called the number on their FB page and was really nervous because everything was in Spanish and I had to use Google translate to figure out what they were advertising. A gentleman answered on the 1st ring and spoke halting English. He was very polite and kept on thanking me for calling. He asked if I wanted it delivered or pickup and I said pickup so he told me to go to the address and they would take care of me. 👌

I got downtown and it's pretty sketchy, it's the yellow one story building on the corner, can't miss the huge signs. They answered my inquiry through the door and I found out why they don't open when a random person tried to come and ask for money from the owner. The owner and her son was there and was super sweet and nice, insisting I try the sauces that were left for the day (they had sold out of the others) before I bought. I bought the flautas and they gave me some sauce as a thank you, since I created a Yelp location for them, so that I can check in. Win win! 👐

I gave the chicken to my mother in law, some beef and potatoes to my friend and they gave me cheese and tortillas from Juarez in exchange (so somehow I now have MORE food), and I still had 60 flautas left for my freezer! 🤷‍♀️

I airfried the shredded beef flautas at 400°F for 12 mins and they were perfect. I'm not a fan of the tomato sauce even though I prepared it like my friend suggested like Chico's. I think I'll just stick with the guacamole and the salsa de arbol. 🍅

Come try them out and see for yourself, it's the best deal in El Paso for outstanding flautas and best of all, you can indulge whenever and in a lockdown, it's a lifesaver. Fyi they DELIVER and take EBT! 🙏


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