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I love discount shopping, and I adore deals. I love going to Dollar Tree and Black Friday and ReMate for my retail therapy, but after going to Daiso in Hawaii I realized I miss cheap cute things but I don't miss the dumpster diving effect I get trying to find deals.

When I heard that Downtown El Paso had little stores that carried unique items and were inexpensive and you can find deals, I was in!

What I didn't expect to find was a street literally dead because of all the construction or rather reconstruction. I'm not sure what was going on but only one area was being worked on but they closed down the entire street.

My friend and I went down to a couple of the stores and it was really sad to see because almost three stores were out of business out of a block of maybe 12 to 15 stores.

She took me to a shop and I swear it was like Dollar Tree had a baby with Daiso. It was packed to the gills with all sorts of goodies and very well organized. There were three different attendants that I could ask if they carried this and they immediately showed it to me and found the items.

I ended up buying an extra burner for my Korean bbq, a really cool phone magnet for my car, and a lightning charger for my son's iPad.

Next door was a perfume shop that carried genuine brands at almost half the cost. I recognized the latest hot fragrances and having worked at a Macy's and Nordstroms I learned that the insane markups are because of location. If you want to buy name brand perfume for Valentine's, this is the spot.

There are other stores but again because it was gated off is really difficult to get to and I'm really sad for these vendors who are just trying to survive. So please come down and shop and support local because if they're gone where will we get all those amazing “borregoā€¯ blankets or Lotteria designs? Please share this post to help support them as well!

Uno Plus El Paso
316 s El Paso st

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