City Counsel Ends Partnership with Non-Profit Zoo Society

So it's all about money after all! 💰
Previously, the Zoo Society handled the annual membership funds for the zoo. 75% of the money from the memberships went to the non-profit, while the remaining 25% went to the city.
However, the city has now decided that they want to receive 100% of those funds. They claim that they already receive approximately $2.9 million from zoo memberships alone. For any additional funds raised by the Zoo Society, the city plans to adopt a model similar to other city organizations, such as the El Paso Museum of Art.
“We could hire a development officer to handle that work. We could collaborate with a fundraising organization. Personally, I find the art museum foundation to be an amazing example,” shared Mack. 😊
The city has also pointed out that the Zoo Society has not been fulfilling their contractual obligations since 2018.
“In their 2018 contract, they were required to raise $7.5 million as a subsidy for our master plan. This money was meant for 11 specific projects, which have not been completed. The Zoo Society hasn't undertaken any capital projects,” explained Mack. 🚧

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