Birria Burns So Good

I am super happy to report that Gasoline Ray’s still has $1 birria tacos for Taco Tuesday and $2 Tecates and the Yueling was like a dollar more.

I love the atmosphere because people leave you alone, which is great because I’m not there for the conversation, I’m there for the food. My friend and I sat at the bar and the food was coming out fairly quickly and for some reason there were just chicks like us at the bar.

I kept seeing the same orders coming out and asked them what they ordered and they said it was a hidden house menu item, the rolled tacos with birria sauce. Whoa, crunchy rolled flautas in the amazing birria sauce? Game on!

Cut to the chase, it was really really good but super duper spicy! I’m a wimp and this had me crying and taking deep breaths to control the fire. One order came with 4 flautas and by my 4th one I couldn’t taste them anymore over the burn. I believe it was $8 for an order.

I’ll come back, but until I build up a tolerance for spicy foods, I’ll just stick to the $1 birria tacos on Taco Tuesday. If you want the hidden menu items, it’s available all the time and normal price so you don’t have to wait for Tuesday.

Gasoline Ray’s Dive Bar
4907 Crossroads Dr suite f, El Paso, TX 79932
(915) 262-0464

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