Costco’s Optical Department

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a heads up about maximizing your benefits before the year ends. I recently took advantage of my vision plan at Costco, and I had a great experience. At first, I was a bit frustrated because the line was slow and the ticket machine wasn't working, but it turned out to be more efficient that way. The staff were able to assist people quicker instead of waiting for their number to be called.
I want to highlight the exceptional service I received from an optical technician named Lauren. She took the time to ensure my PD measurement was accurate for both eyes, including the top and bottom measurements which are crucial for people with astigmatism like me. She also walked me through different options for polarized lenses, explaining the benefits of each one. It was refreshing to receive such personalized attention, and I truly felt that she cared about my vision and eye health.
Another impressive aspect of Costco's optical department is their warranty. They really go above and beyond to take care of their customers. Lauren also mentioned that the company pays time and a half to their employees who work on Sundays, recognizing the importance of family time. This kind of commitment to both employees and customers makes me want to continue supporting Costco.
By the way, I've also come across some great sales at Costco, and they're definitely stocking more Asian products!

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