District 2 Residents of Central El Paso Election Time!

🗳️ District 2 Residents of Central El Paso 🗳️
📢 It's time to vote for your new representative! The elected official will have a crucial role in important City Council decisions, such as hiring a new city manager and resolving the delayed multipurpose cultural and performing arts center.
💡 District 2 Rep. Alexsandra Annello stepped down to run for Texas House District 77, triggering a special election costing $500,000.
🔀 Veronica Carbajal and Joshua Acevedo are the two candidates in the runoff election this Saturday. The winner will be sworn in before January 30th and will serve for approximately 11 months. Josh Acevedo plans to run again if elected.
🤝 While Carbajal and Acevedo have different backgrounds, they both aim to improve District 2.
👩‍⚖️ Carbajal, a former lawyer and community activist, wants to maintain low property tax rates, enhance city services, and prioritize public transportation. She plans to hire a new city manager to help implement her vision. Carbajal supports Prop K and advocates for campaign finance reform.
👨‍⚖️ Acevedo resigned from the EPISD board of trustees to run for District 2. He aims to collaborate with the City Council, improve education, and utilize vacant EPISD facilities for the district's benefit. Acevedo has support from business leaders and developers, including the realtors PAC.
🏘️ District 2 residents want improvements in their aging neighborhoods, such as streets, buildings, and parks. District 2 is one of the largest districts in El Paso, spanning from the southern part of Franklin Mountains to Ascarate Park.
🤔 The question is: Who is best suited to attract developers and form partnerships? Carbajal favors a more assertive approach, while Acevedo leans towards collaboration. Both candidates may require additional tax dollars to achieve their goals.
📆 The new representative will be announced on January 20th and will start serving District 2.
🗳️ Election Day polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The winner will be sworn in before the January 30th City Council meeting.
🔗 For more information, visit: https://epcountyvotes.com/

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