New Westside Spaghetti Bowl Construction Artcraft

I've been telling everyone since I moved here in 2020 in this previous post HERE; I checked TXDOT before deciding to buy where I'm at currently because I knew they were building a new Westside spaghetti bowl and I didn't want to deal with traffic!

My location allows me several exit strategies and I feel for the owners at Cimarron off Artcraft, and the communities in Upper Valley and Westside Drive.

Finally the Spaghetti bowl on the Westside diagrams are out and Rudy’s, Carl’s Jr, Gas station, Wing Stop, maybe even the Holiday Inn etc, are relocating.

Westside Dr & Upper Valley are getting an overpass bridge with underpass U-Turns! 

Short term pain for long term gain but depends on how quickly they can build.

It starts in 2024. Let's see how long it'll take them to finish. Good luck commuters.

Realtors if you're not sending this info out to all the homeowners in the affected area with an invitation for a market analysis to sell, you're missing out!

SH 178 (Artcraft Road) (Schematic/Environmental)
Depending on how long the construction will go on for, it will be a logistical nightmare around there. Just look at what the expansion of the 10- corridor is doing as well as the Doniphan median construction. At one point I got stuck because Doniphan, 1-10 AND the side streets were closed because AT&T Fiber were all working at the same time and closed everything.
Montana is still not done, neither is Doniphan. I lived through a lot of expansions in Houston and LA and I wouldn't wish the commute on anyone or the neighborhoods that traffic inevitably would divert thru. Combine this with the threat of Frontera closing because of the spat between Sunland Park and El Paso due to the new development, and you've got a recipe for gridlock.

“Rodriguez said the city's legal department determined that Frontera Road could be closed at the state line”
Combined with the $45 Million earmarked for a new road. Commerce is coming.
The proposed road would extend for six miles connecting the port of entry to NM-273 in Sunland Park, providing vehicle traffic with a direct route to the El Paso area and Interstate 10.


Wanna know what street construction project is happening where you live or plan to buy in TX?

Check this site out:


Phase Projects Est. Cost
Construction underway or begins soon 237 $1,559,996,496
Construction begins within 4 years 183 $784,870,964
Construction begins in 5 to 10 years 51 $1,418,838,657
Corridor Studies, construction in 10+ years 28 $2,140,453,773
Totals 499 $5,904,159,890

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