Taco Tuesday at Taco Rita

Came for the tacos, but the birria empanadas makes you come back. 😉

So was on the Eastside again today and since it’s Taco Tuesday figured I would check out Taco Rita. It’s a super cute surprisingly family friendly spot. The decor is like a fiesta meets Dia De Los Muertos; very festive. 🪅💀🏵️

I came for the tacos ($1.50 chicken, adobada, and asada) but the sleeper hit is the birria empanadas. It’s like someone finally listened to me and made the thing I crave but hate actually cooking. Seriously I posted last year about how I made my own consomme and birria tacos and with the extra meat I made Puerto Rican style empanadillas and mixed the 2 styles together. 🌮

It was soooo good, but I never made it again between the 24 hr consomme broth (even in an Instant Pot) and the actual frying, it sucked to MAKE it. Now I can just come here to Taco Rita and get my cravings satisfied. 🤗

I was so surprised that the birria was so bomb, almost as amazing as my personal favorite at 4tacos4tacos4tacos and I know Ruben is a perfectionist so I HAD to meet the chef Cuy and he’s legit. He ran out of flour tortillas for the kids quesadilla and hand made the tortilla from maize and the kids devoured it. The owner convinced him to come over from Kiki’s so he has serious kitchen chops and it shows. 👨‍🍳

The consomme here is flavorful and not greasy. He actually skims the grease to then fry the tacos in, smart. The tacos were ok; the chicken was a bit dry, the asada wasn’t fatty which was nice, and I couldn’t finish the asada since I mistakenly drenched it in fire sauce. The portions are huge and the sauces are devilish and increasing spicy. I was a little too laissez fare with the last one and I was crying, the spice burns so good. 🌶️🥵

Anyhoo, just come for the birria empanadas and tacos. They’re worth the trip. Anything else like the friendly service, clean restroom, and cute decor is the cherry on top. Just remember, birria empanadas. 😉

1491 Lee Trevino Dr Suite-B, El Paso, TX 79936
(915) 259-8099

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