*Trigger Alert*

Initially, concerned parents and kids have asked me to share the videos because certain scenarios where the kids were placed in the classroom and the inappropriateness of the subject matters made them uncomfortable and didn’t have a choice to not participate. They didn’t feel heard, now they do. I’m happy to be a conduit.

Whatever you feel about it, this issue needed to be brought to the public’s attention, the administration will only issue a generic statement and these videos highlight the interaction between the students and this particular teacher, and it has now been brought to the administration’s attention.

With that said, the video and post has been deleted that was shared earlier. Multiple parents and kids in the class have stated that it was part of a debate and that it was taken out of context.

They said the teacher was completely sarcastic and even said she’d shoot someone that did that to her daughter. I was told she made it very clear that this only a debate and she doesn’t support pedophilia, and these students and parents deserve to be heard as well and given a voice.

With regards to the other inappropriate videos, they have been sent to EPISD for investigation and review. I trust that they will offer solutions.

I still believe that, as a rape victim, pedophilia is indefensible and I don’t believe it should be a subject of discussion or debate in our English classrooms.

I stand by the same recommendations to be vigilant! Talk to your kids, be involved with your schools, make your voice heard, VOTE!

I expect the administration to act on this ASAP.

I don’t condone normalizing pedophilia and this teacher is trying to institute her own personal beliefs on children. This has NOTHING to do with the subject matter she is paid to teach. This is NOT OK.

English III at Franklin High School
The teacher asked a question to prompt discussion
On the white board “age doesn’t matter when it comes to love”
Teacher: “you’re not allowed to label people like that.”
Teacher: “Stop calling them that.”
Entire class: “they’re called Pedophiles”
Teacher: “Stop it.”
Teacher: “We’re not going to call them that”
Teacher: “We’re going to call them MAPS.”
Teacher: “Minor Attracted Persons”
“So don’t judge people because they want to have sex with a five year old.”


Be vigilant! Talk to your kids, be involved with your schools, make your voice heard, VOTE! ☑️🗳️

This is EPISD school board: https://www.episd.org/board

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