Yvonne’s Cantina Taco Tuesday

I checked out a new Taco Tuesday spot. Yvonne’s has crispy shelled tacos for $1.50, Tecates for $2 and live music on Tuesdays.

A neighbor on the Nextdoor app recommended them and I went to check them out since Adventure Zone tacos are the same price now and I wanted to try different ones.

The front entrance is shaded by a big tarp and honestly if I wasn’t looking for it, I would have mistaken it for the BBQ joint next door.

Inside is a revelation. It’s beautiful. So tastefully and elegantly designed; it was a nice surprise. I found out later from our waitress that the owner designed the Blue Indigo hotel so it makes sense.

There are locals that come and get their huge $5 margaritas, but I was there for the $1.50 tacos. They provided chips and salsa and when I mentioned to the waitress that the food reminded me of Lucy’s, she said that the machaca and the Tlalpeno soup and Tacos Antonia are very similar since the owner are cousins of the owners of Lucy’s.

The $1.50 tacos were very generous. I ordered 2 deshebrada (shredded beef), one potato, and 1 chicken. The beef was juicy and flavorful, my favorite but the portions were big so I had to take one home. The potato one was flavorless so I wouldn’t get that one again. The chicken was a surprise and I can see why it’s one of their favorites. The meat wasn’t dry and it was mild but had a great taste.

They have live music at night and even though I came around 5pm, it was getting busy as regulars seem to come in from the cold to enjoy the meals. The waitress said they just renovated and was called something else 3 years ago. The neighborhood across the railroad tracks embraced them and supported them, so they were lucky. I think it’s cause of the good food and friendlier service.

I’m looking forward to coming back with guests and out of towners since they have a great combo of service, style, and authentic down to earth El Paso style food. Things I’ve never heard of outside El Paso like Tapatias (like a tostada?)

Come check out their generous Taco Tuesday and stay for their other items and ambiance. I did. 🤗

Yvonnes Cantina & Grill
4772 Doniphan Dr, El Paso, TX 79922 (915) 881-4001

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