Are you ready for winter weather?

The National Weather Service predicted a 60% chance of precipitation Sunday, with likely rain showers before 2 p.m. Sunday, followed by rain and snow showers between 2 and 4 p.m., then snow showers after 4 p.m. 🌧
Sunday was forecast to be mostly cloudy, with a high near 46.
Wind gusts could hit 29 mph. 🌬

The high Sunday was expected to be 46 degrees, with a low of 20 degrees at night, before rebounding to a high of 40 degrees Monday, with a low of 30 degrees.

Some handy tips:

-Safeguard spigots and exposed pipes
Even after you turn off an outdoor spigot, water that lingers in an attached garden hose can freeze and cause pipes behind the spigot to burst, spouting water into your house. Always disconnect and drain garden hoses after using the spigot in cold weather, and consider shutting off the valve inside the house to protect your pipes.

-Protect plants
Placing cardboard boxes, large trash cans, or even plastic tubs over outdoor plants will provide some protection. When covering plants, it’s key to cover them from the ground up. The warmth of the soil is what actually helps keep the plant warm. Since the soil takes much longer to freeze, it offers warmer air than the freezing temperatures surrounding the plant. To cover plants effectively, drape things over the top of the plant all the way to the soil, then secure the drape with boards or rocks. This will essentially trap warmer air in with the plant.
-Minimize driving
When the streets are slick, home is the safest place to be.

-Check your car
Have the radiator system serviced or check the antifreeze level yourself with an antifreeze tester. Add antifreeze as needed.
Replace windshield-wiper fluid with a wintertime mixture.
Make sure the tires on your car have adequate tread and air pressure. Replace any worn tires and fill low tires with air to the proper pressure recommended for your car (typically between 30-35 psi).
Keep the gas tank near full to help avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines.
Keep your car in good working order. Be sure to check the following: heater, defroster, brakes, brake fluid, ignition, emergency flashers, exhaust, oil, and battery.

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