City of El Paso Capital Improvement Summary

Whatever the rants are on Nextdoor or Social Media, I try to be subjective and look at actual data and numbers.

I just saw a fellow transplant’s property taxes in Rockwall and geez look at the increases! It went from $1,831.22 in 2006 to $17,125.86 in 2021. It’s happening all over Texas so it’s not isolated to El Paso.

If you look at where El Paso was in 2014 with 9 days of reserves vs 91 as of 2022, looks like our fiscal budget is healthy even with all the spending that the council does. They get audited yearly just like any other corporation and 6 years of audits without findings or non-conformances says a lot!

I highlighted the slides that stood out to me, but if you want to look at the entire presentation, and I learned a look looking at it, this is the link:

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