Deals at Kohl’s!

I had some Amazon items to return at Kohl's, and I ended up getting a 20% off discount, which was a pleasant surprise! I also had a $5 Kohl's rewards to redeem so wandered around the store. 🛍️
While I was there, I came across a display for these adorable lanterns. I wasn't sure if they were on sale, but I decided to ask. Turns out, they were indeed for sale, even though they didn't have a price tag on them. No worries though, I simply looked them up online and found them. 🏷️
Let me tell you, these lanterns are fantastic! They're not made of paper like most lanterns. Instead, they're made of this thin polyester material that feels really sturdy, especially against the wind. I'm really impressed with the quality. 🏮
So, if you happen to have a Kohl's nearby and you're looking for some Lunar New Year items (it's the year of the Dragon on Feb 10 this year), I highly recommend checking out their Lunar New Year display. I'm super excited about my find! 🧧

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