EPCC Massage Therapy School with my mother-in-law

🌸 Joined my mother-in-law for an unforgettable experience at EPCC Massage Therapy School. It exceeded all expectations and more! 💆‍♀️✨ Securing appointments here is a real challenge, with waitlists filling up even before the semester begins. But fortunately, we managed to book a slot on a random Monday.
📝 After signing in, we were promptly guided to our room. The simplicity of the setup struck me, but honestly, it didn't matter because the massage itself was out of this world! It was truly amazing. 😍 The heated bed and the initial inquiry about our massage preferences (deep tissue or Swedish) set the stage for a blissful experience. I opted for deep tissue, and what I absolutely loved about my therapist was her exceptional communication skills. She consistently checked in, ensuring my comfort and adjusting the pressure as needed. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to learn, and I was more than happy to provide feedback. My mother-in-law had a similar experience with her therapist—attentive and communicative. They truly listened to her and delivered the perfect pressure.
😲 I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of things. First, they incorporated mechanical massagers on our backs, which added a unique touch. Secondly, they targeted areas I never expected, like the belly. I never realized the importance of that area for relaxation, but what they did was truly amazing. The side-to-side stretches relieved so much stress from my shoulders and back. It was a whole new level of relaxation! Kudos to them for introducing me to this innovative approach.
👣 They didn't stop there—they pampered our feet and provided a soothing face, neck, and head massage. It was a head-to-toe experience, and the best part? All of this for just $25! 😱 Now I understand why this place is so popular. We'll definitely be treating ourselves to more massages in the future.
🎓 Although this class is almost over, I can already tell that EPCC's program trains their students exceptionally well. The techniques they employed, such as the rolling of hands and stretching, showcased their expertise. They even have a survey at the end to provide feedback and help the students learn. 👏
If you're looking to book, I detailed how here: https://todoelpaso.com/epcc-massage-school/

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