Rosie’s Dhaba Indian Food!

I don't know if you have had amazing homemade Indian food, but I was fortunate enough to have it because my best friend in college was Gujarati. I remember using the spice grinders for their masalas and curries, and making papadams over the fire on the stove. Our hands were literally the pan. So naturally, I love Indian food because I ate a lot of it and have been trying to find some authentic Indian dishes here in El Paso. 🍛🔥🌶️
I've been eating at India Palace and their food is delicious. Their Chicken Tikka Masala is extremely creamy. However, Rosie's Dhaba Indian Food is a step closer to the homemade taste that I have been craving. I actually saw that they are offering a Valentine's Day special which includes an appetizer, two entrees, naan bread, and a dessert for $42! 😍🌹🍽️ I've been wanting to try them, but their food truck is usually located in various parts of the Northeast or the far East, and they tend to close up early or sell out.
So when I found out that they were on the west side off Doniphan, I immediately messaged them to place my order, and they were very responsive. I went to pick it up and to my surprise, the entire family was there. It says a lot when they can work together for such a long time in a small, tiny truck. This is definitely a family affair, and I could see the love and pride they have in their food and their business. If we want more small businesses like this to survive in El Paso, it's important to come out and support them. 🤝💪
I can't believe they can make such flavorful food in a truck. I think they actually grind their own spices because it tastes a bit coarser. The presentation was also beautiful, so it's evident that they take a lot of pride in their food. I highly recommend checking them out and taking advantage of their Valentine's Day special. I bought it for myself because I'm sick, and when you're sick, Indian food really hits the spot. You can taste the flavors, and it provides an intense sensation through your nostrils. 🤧👃
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