Fighting Air Problems around Marathon’s Petroleum Oil Refinery

📢 Hey friends! We need your help! Please fill out the form below and share a comment to support our local communities. They are fighting against more problems in their neighborhoods, like bad air quality and dangers from freight traffic around Marathon Petroleum's El Paso oil refinery. 🙏🏼💪🏼
The refinery is applying to renew its major air permit, which controls how much pollution it can release. The current permit will expire in June 2024. ⏳
If the renewal is approved, the refinery might be allowed to release more of 11 different pollutants, including something called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This could make pollution levels go up. 😷📈
It's important to know that refinery emissions can create ozone, which can harm our health, especially in high-altitude places like El Paso. ☁️❌
If you're concerned about the refinery's pollution, you can share your thoughts with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Let your voice be heard!  🗣️💚 #SpeakUp #ProtectOurEnvironment
If you or someone you know is directly affected by the refinery's pollution, you can request a special hearing called a contested case hearing. It's like a trial where concerns about the refinery's pollution can be addressed. This is what the comments are for, so please fill out the form. 📝✉️
Let's work together to protect our communities and the environment! 🌍🤝 #CommunityFirst #CleanAirMatters

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