Perol: Carnitas and Crispy Chicharon!

Craving Carnitas or crispy Chicharron? 🌮🥓 Check out Perol, the new go-to spot for delicious and traditional pork dishes. 🐷 Owned by the family behind Don Carbon, they really know how to cook meats. I'm a fan of their other restaurant, Amar, and Perol was…just ok.
Now, let's talk about the pricing. 💰 It's on the higher side considering the quality you get, especially with so many other amazing, affordable options nearby. 🍽️
Don't get me wrong, though. The presentation and quality of the food at Perol are top-notch. 🌟 However, $22 for four strips of fried Chicharron, a bit of guacamole, and 6 handmade tortillas on the side is a bit much. And that's just the appetizer! 🤷‍♀️
On the positive side, they serve pork rinds as chips and salsa, and their salsas are delicious. 🍅🌶️ They're well-seasoned and not too spicy. 🔥
I tried their Carnitas plate, which included three meaty pieces, bone-in rice, and beans for $15. While the meat looked good and had a nice flavor, it wasn't as tender as I expected. 🍖 For the price, especially for pork, the Carnitas should be melt-in-your-mouth tender.
The Rajas con Queso appetizer ($10) was extremely good, and my friend loved their Al Pastor tacos plate ($12). The tacos were generously stuffed and flavorful. 🌮
The different handmade tortillas were visually appealing, but I didn't notice much difference in taste between the regular and spinach/beet-infused ones, especially when paired with bold-flavored items like the Rajas or Al Pastor meat. It felt a bit gimmicky. 🌿
The drinks are a bit pricey, especially the Aqua Frescas. I had the lemonade, which was refreshing, but considering the portion size and no refills, $4.50 is a bit steep. 🍹
Now, let's talk desserts! 🍰 The Pastel De Nuez Con Bieve De Chongos ($9) was ridiculously amazing, with a homemade caramel-flavored ice cream and a soft, flavorful pecan bundt cake. It was the perfect ending to the meal. 🤤 I also enjoyed their pumpkin atole ($6) a lot. It had a delicate pumpkin flavor and a creamy texture. 🎃
One thing that made me question the experience was the overall feeling of the restaurant. I couldn't tell if it was a quick-service place or a higher-end establishment. 🤔
The service inside was hit or miss. While the staff was friendly, they sometimes forgot about us for extended periods and asked the same questions multiple times. We were even asked about our drinks four times, which we had already ordered. The kitchen staff seemed preoccupied with the drive-thru orders, and at one point, I heard someone in the back shouting “cállate” in Spanish, which was a bit off-putting. 😲
The service staff spent a lot of time hanging out at the bar, and despite there not being many customers. I'm not sure if the booth seating hid us from their view, but it took a long time to get their attention. However, when they did come, they were super nice and attentive and they spoke perfect English and Spanish, which made me comfortable asking questions about the menu. ☺️
I hope the service improves and matches the pricing and overall atmosphere. Because if I can go to Victoria's in Canutillo and get their amazing Carnitas on Tuesdays for $1.50 and wait just as long for the food and service, I'd prefer going there. ⏳
I'm still interested in trying more of Perol's menu, and I think it could be a great place for special occasions, given the pricing. However, the atmosphere doesn't quite match up. 🎉 So hopefully, there will be some changes because I really like Amar, and they've shown they can deliver a higher-price experience with the right ambiance and service. 🌆
Check out Perol for yourself and make your own decision.
📍6398 Doniphan Dr, El Paso, TX 79932

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