📢 One last rave to share about EPCC (El Paso Community College). Did you know they offer FREE CHILDCARE for students? It's seriously amazing! 🙌
EPCC has this awesome program called CCAMPIS that provides substantial subsidies, ranging from 75% to 90%, for full-time childcare at various YWCA early learning academies, camps, and after-school programs. If you're enrolled in a certificate or degree program at the College, even just part-time (yep, as little as one course), and qualify for Pell grants, you're eligible! And get this: the YWCA might even cover the remaining portion of your childcare costs through their funding sources. 🌟💰
But wait, there's more! EPCC also has the Aspen grant, which supports their Family College initiative. This grant covers the expenses of a Children's College course that aligns with the schedule of parents taking evening classes at EPCC's Valle Verde Campus. It's an innovative way to tackle childcare while pursuing your education, and it's all about creating a college mindset within families. How cool is that? 😎🎓
Oh, and here's another awesome perk: EPCC has been working with the Aspen Institute to establish family-friendly spaces across all their campuses. Some of them are already up and running! These spaces are a game-changer for parents because you can bring your kiddos along. They've got computers, printers, and designated play areas, which means you can get your work done while keeping an eye on your little ones. Just remember, these spaces aren't drop-off centers, so parents need to stay with their children. EPCC is even in the process of building lactation spaces and getting stand-alone lactation pods. They really are going above and beyond to support their students and their families! 👪🤱🧸
I'm seriously thrilled that EPCC recognizes and helps out families who are juggling their studies and parental duties. It's so tempting to go back to school just to take advantage of these amazing programs for both kids and students! Take a look at the flyer for more details. EPCC is making education more accessible and family-friendly, and that's something worth celebrating! 🎉

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