Mom life update:

😩 My husband and daughter are both feeling under the weather. Thankfully, our doctor's office has late hours, so we were able to see a doctor tonight. Turns out, my daughter has an ear infection. 🤒
Here's the kicker: when I went to CVS to pick up her medicine, they dropped a bombshell on me. They don't accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance anymore, and they wanted to charge me a whopping $135 copay for a dose of generic antibiotics! Can you believe it? 😱
Apparently, this new policy started this year, so it's important to know that CVS won't accept Blue Cross Blue Shield anymore. Lesson learned! My advice: always call ahead to confirm if they accept your insurance before sending in your prescription. 💊
Anyway, I had to switch the prescription to Walgreens instead. But guess what? The Walgreens near me closes at 9:00 PM, so that was a no-go. Now I have to transfer the prescription to the 24 hour Walgreens and make another trip to get the medicine. Talk about a hassle! 😩
Just wanted to share this crazy adventure with you all. Stay healthy, everyone! 💪❤️

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