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OMG, I can't believe my car was driving around with busted engine mounts for so long! 🚗💔
It wasn't until I started experiencing intense vibrations and my steering wheel began moving that I decided to go to JLN (Just Like New) Auto. 🛠️
I was surprised to find them open on the day after Christmas, and when I called, they got me in right away. Within just 15 minutes, they diagnosed the problem. They gave me a fair quote that included the cost of parts, labor, and taxes. It came out to around $520, which I discovered is within the lower range of $550-$760 for my car's type.💲
What mounts do: they act as shock absorbers for your engine and are crucial for safe driving. It's actually pretty dangerous to drive with broken mounts like mine. If you continue driving, you risk causing further damage to your vehicle's engine and transmission. Trust me, you don't want that! It's best to get them replaced ASAP to avoid any safety issues or additional damage. ⚠️
If you're wondering how to spot weak mounts, here are some signs: when you start the engine, the engine shudders and moves sideways violently. You'll also feel vibrations through the gear lever and hear clunky noises when going over bumps. Recognizing these symptoms early on can prevent a complete collapse of the mounts and save you from major engine and gearbox issues. Phew! 😰
I'm so grateful that JLN Auto took my vehicle in immediately. We had to wait for the parts to arrive, but as soon as they did, they installed them, and I was good to go! 🙌
I'm really glad I found this place because they truly know their stuff. If you're looking for an honest and reliable auto shop that won't rip you off, JLN Auto is the place to go. They'll not only do the job right but also explain everything clearly, so you're in the know about the cost and what they're doing. 💯
Oh, and guess what? They're running a special on full synthetic oil changes for just $50! It's a steal, seriously. I took advantage of that offer while I was there. If you want to grab this deal before the year ends, give them a call at 915-974-1610 and make an appointment. Don't miss out! ⏰
🛠️JLN Auto (Just Like New Automotive LLC)
📍141 El Chanate Dr

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