Party Pot at Don Cuco’s!

Hey, hey, hey! Let's solve this little mystery together: Ever wonder why you spot people strolling into Don Cuco with empty pots and Tupperware? It's a head-scratcher, right? Well, let me fill you in on their awesome to-go specials! 🌮
One of their highlights is the PARTY POT! It's perfect for a big group, serving up MENUDO that can satisfy 25 hungry folks. And check out what comes with it:
🍲 MENUDO, enough for 25 people
🍞 25 pieces of bread to go with it
🍋 25 lemons for that zesty kick
🌿 25 packets of oregano to sprinkle on top
🌶️ 25 packets of chili to add some heat
🧅 Plus, a whopping 32-ounce cup of onions!
Now, here's the deal: if you've got a 24-quart pot, bring it along! But if not, no worries. Don Cuco can lend you one, just remember to leave a deposit of 100 dollars. Easy peasy! 😄
So next time you spot people with empty pots and Tupperware, give 'em a friendly nudge and let 'em know about Don Cuco's amazing to-go specials, especially the PARTY POT. It's the real deal for a fiesta feast! Enjoy, my friends! 😋🥡
Order it at any of their 10 locations in El Paso!

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