Recycling Live Christmas Trees in El Paso!

📅 Starting Tuesday, Dec. 26, the City of El Paso is offering a FREE recycling service for live Christmas trees.
🌲🏞️ You can drop off your tree at the Environmental Services Department’s Citizen Collection Stations from Tuesday to Saturday until February 17, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
📍 Here are the locations of the Citizen Collection Stations:
– 1034 Pendale Rd.
– 121 Atlantic Rd.
– 4501 Hondo Pass Dr.
– 2492 Harrison Ave.
– 3510 Confederate Dr.
🚫🎁 Please make sure your tree is free of ornaments, decorations (like string lights, frost, and glitter), and any other non-tree items.
♻️ Additionally, you can also bring other recyclable materials like cardboard gift boxes, holiday cards, and wrapping paper. Just remember to remove any plastic and glitter from them.
🔥🌲 Safety reminders:
– Putting up the Christmas tree is fun, but remember to take it down in a timely manner.
– As the tree dries out and turns brown, it becomes a fire hazard, so dispose of it properly.
– Avoid storing live trees in your house or garage.
– Never burn trees in a fireplace or wood stove.
Let's keep our city clean and safe this holiday season! 🌟🌲♻️

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