Licon Dairy Has Fresh Cheese and Farm Animals Petting Zoo

My son was asking how cows felt about us taking their milk and I didn’t really know how to answer that so I trekked to Licon Dairy farm to show him cows. I didn’t know there was a petting zoo there with all types of animals like goats, alpacas, sheep, chickens, ducks, doves, rabbits, parrots, donkeys, turkeys, ostriches, peacocks, a camel, and even a kangaroo!

They bought 2 bags of feed ($1 a bag) and they happily fed all the animals there and the animals were super friendly (no bites or nips, although there were a lot of warning signs). They especially loved riding the little Shetland ponies ($6 each for a little guided ride).

The general store was awesome with locally produced goods as well as their famous Asadero cheese. They also have a new Burger/Steakhouse attached that’s open on the weekends it seems. The service was friendly, the bathrooms were clean and the petting zoo super small but had a lot of animals to offer.

We enjoyed ourselves and the kids want to come back already! I can’t believe this is run on donations, what a treat for locals since it’s a great way for kids to interact with farm animals they wouldn’t get to see everyday. We’ll be back to try out the steakhouse as well!

More information here:

Licon’s Dairy Azaderos
(915) 851-2705
11951 Glorietta Rd, San Elizario, TX 79849

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