Luby’s Lunches

So I ate at Luby’s 2 days straight in a row, meeting with the Crimestoppers of El Paso for lunch. I’ve never been to a Luby’s before and I’m honestly not sure I like it.

To be fair, it was hopping both times I went a little after 1pm, with a mix of elderly folks and college kids and lots of local enforcement enjoying lunch. They do give lots of specials to seniors, military, first responders, college, and law enforcement so the prices are fair for the sheer amount of food given. It’s a lot of food, they’re quite generous with their portions.

The service was very nice and helpful, including table service. For such a large area, the servers do their very best. Lines move quickly and efficiently. You can add tip with cash out at the cashier.

The problem is the food. It’s really hit and miss for the newbie. First time I ordered the Luann’s special which is $7.99 for the seniors and $8.99 for everyone else. It comes with a half entree and 2 sides and bread from a selected section.

I got the mayo lemon fish for my entree because I was looking for a seafood place for my mother in law since she abstains for Lent, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, fried okra, and cornbread. The lemon mayo fish thing was disgusting. It was dried out fish with globs of mayo (see pictures) and I didn’t finish it. The mashed potatoes was really good and you can ask for more gravy. The okra was delicious, corn meal fried and slimy inside, dipped into the gravy or blue cheese dressing, it was really good. The cornbread was gag inducing though, super dried out and so hard it crumbled everywhere. I left it alone after the first bite.

The 2nd time I came, I was a lot more wary and just got a salad, and a key lime pie. The salad was great, you can pick and choose as many toppings as you can fit and the attendant was super nice and piled it high. The key lime pie was not good, it tasted like whipped cream with lime flavoring and the crust was soggy.

Most of the desserts weren’t labelled and the attendants didn’t really know what they were, and most had a ton of whipped cream on top. The majority of the foods were of the soft variety and I can see myself enjoying this if I was a senior and wanted simple foods that was easy to consume. I like that they cater to that group and that there are options for dining out.

I’m not sure it’s for me though since, for the price (I don’t qualify for any discount) I can go across the street to Nour to get a falafel, or Yamaguchi Ramen and get a pork belly bao, or Poke3 and get a poke bowl, or Ke’Flauta to get some amazing flautas for about the same price or the myriad of choices along Mesa.

What I’m trying to say is that it wouldn’t be my first choice for my palate, but for certain people it would work very well. Different tastes and different strokes for different folks and that’s ok, what’s great is that it exists to cater to people who enjoy it.

I like that this is a great large space for meetings and people can grab what they like from a variety. Being that it’s under hot lamps and from what I’ve eaten so far, I would recommend to stick to the fried items or salads.

(915) 533-0502
3601 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79902

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