Ernie’s Cafe

A friend of mine took me to this spot as it held special memories of when she worked at her dad’s plumbing shop. She said all the workers would come and eat here and the food was really good. It was all that and more.

The location is very hidden in an industrial area and most of the parking lot was filled with work trucks so it’s a very local joint. When we walked in it was busy since it was lunch time and my friend was greeted warmly. It’s a place where the staff is long lasting and will remember regulars.

I loved the homey feeling and friendliness. It’s simple and to the point decor with the long bar with stools and tables arranged for small or large groups. I remarked that it feels like a Mexican diner, like a 50’s style diner but with Mexican food. The hours are super early from 6am-4pm and it caters to the workers.

I got a tampiqueña steak lunch as it’s what most Mexican restaurants do well. We were served chips and salsa and the salsa was perfect, full of flavor and not too spicy. My meal came with fresh tortillas, caldo, rice and beans. Honestly it was really delicious. I could taste the lard so it was definitely housemade and diner style greasy food. The steak was tender and the meal was just well done.

For the sheer amount of food for the both of us, she got a Pollo a la Mexicana plate, it came out to be like $15/person which is a steal in these inflationary times. I look forward to discovering more hidden gems like this all over El Paso. I love that this community values places like these over corporate franchises. Come out and #supportlocal!

Ernie’s Cafe
6982 Industrial Ave, El Paso, TX 79915
(915) 778-7285

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