Marathon Petroleum Renewing Air Permit

šŸ“¢ Attention! Marathon Petroleum's El Paso oil refinery is applying for a renewal of its major air permit, which regulates pollution from its facilities. The current permit is set to expire in June 2024.
Under the proposed renewal, emissions of 11 pollutants allowed by the permit could increase, with a significant portion coming from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Preliminary data suggests that pollution levels would rise. Upgrading equipment and implementing technologies that reduce emissions can help mitigate the impact.
It's important to note that refinery emissions can contribute to the formation of ozone, which can have adverse effects on our health, especially in high-altitude areas like El Paso.
If you have concerns about the refinery's pollution, you have the opportunity to submit comments to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). They are accepting public comments on the proposed renewal. You can submit your comments electronically or by mail using the information provided in the link below.
Please remember that the TCEQ will only consider comments related to the environmental aspects of the permit. Other factors like property values, noise, and traffic safety are not within their scope.
If you or someone you know is directly affected by the refinery's pollution, there's an option to request a contested case hearing. This hearing functions like a trial and addresses concerns specific to the refinery's pollution.
For more information about the permit application and the process, you can visit the link below. It provides additional details and access to the TCEQ Commissioners' Integrated Database, where you can find the permit notice and related information by searching for “Western Refining,” the name the refinery operates under.
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