Taco Tuesday at Madre Rosa!

Hey there, peeps! 🤔 Wondering why Madre Rosa is like a ghost town today? It's seriously weird 'cause literally next door at the Outlets, there's a huge crowd of shoppers. I mean, it's just a street across and in the same parking lot, but it's packed over there while it's completely empty here. 🛍️
Are people unaware of the mind-blowing Taco Tuesday deals? 🌯🌮😮 They're seriously missing out!
Lately, I've been totally obsessed with tortas, and let me spill the beans: Madre Rosa has the best deal in town! You can sink your teeth into a mouthwatering steak Arrachera Torta for just $7.99 all day long on Tuesdays! 🥩🤤
And wait, there's more goodness! They've got these incredible tacos like Discada (a flavorful mix of beef, hot dog weenies, chorizo, and bacon) and Deshabrada (shredded beef) Dorado (crunchy) Tacos, and guess what? They're only $1.79 each! 🌮🔥 The tortillas are handmade and packed with drool-worthy ingredients. You've got to try 'em!
Oh, but hold your horses 'cause there's an extra treat coming your way! On Tuesdays, you can grab a chilly Tecate for just $2, and tequila shots are a steal at only $3. 🍺🥃
So, after your successful conquest of the after-Christmas sales at the Outlets, don't forget to bring your man to Madre Rosa for some lip-smacking food and drinks. Trust me, good and affordable food can turn things around! 😉
Head over to Madre Rosa, savor those mouthwatering delights, and celebrate the joy of deliciousness without emptying your wallet. They're also open til 2am! Cheers to that! 🍻😉
📍7049 S Desert Blvd #117,
Canutillo, TX 79835

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