Real Estate Firm Breaks Ground on 3.7 Million Square Foot Industrial Park

🚀🔥 Remember when I told you about this explosive growth? It's happening now, just as I predicted three years ago! 📆💥 El Paso is transforming into a logistics powerhouse with the rise of nearshoring and the T-Mec corridor. 🌟 All those Asian companies are flocking here, and I saw it coming! 💪💼
Not only that, but this growth is addressing the warehouse shortage and revolutionizing the industry. 🏭🔄 By strategically locating the maquilas along the Zaragoza and Tornillo ports of entry, companies can bypass the city and gain seamless access to I-10. 🛣️💨
Sansone Group's press release confirms the significance of our location in supporting the distribution of products throughout North America and beyond. 🌍📦 Headquartered in St. Louis, they wisely chose a prime plot of land near the Ysleta-Zaragoza Port of Entry, at the intersection of I-10 and Loop 375. 📍🏭
It's incredible to witness the realization of this vision and the countless jobs and opportunities it brings to our community. 🙌 Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking development! 🌟🏗️

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