My Experience with the El Paso Zoo Society

📣 People have been messaging me asking me what I thought about this. I can only be honest because of MY personal experiences. 🦁 In my opinion, the zoo has some good qualities, but I had a bad experience with the Zoo foundation. Their events and marketing were confusing and not done well. Whenever I tried to get information, like leaving several messages about birthday parties and events, it felt like my questions went into a black hole and I never got an answer. 😔🕳️
🎟️ I have had a membership to the zoo for three years, and every time I went, some parts were open and others were closed, including food amenities, bathrooms, etc… It was frustrating not knowing which parts I could visit. I was disappointed because I wanted to enjoy everything the zoo had to offer, but I couldn't. 🚧❌
This made me sad because I really like the zoo and I tell people about it. I've brought friends with me, and now they also like the zoo and tell others about it. 😍 I invited Carbs and Cabernet to a special members preview of the penguins at the zoo, and she loved it. She liked it so much that she bought her own pass for her family. It's great to see someone who has lived in the city for a long time finally enjoying the zoo. But the zoo is missing a big opportunity by not sharing excited parents like her to get more people to come. 🔄
😡I don't agree with the way the city is handling the Zoo foundation issues. It seems to be about politics, and it's making people feel bad. 😔 As I understand it, the Zoo Foundation can still raise funds, but now the Zoo Foundation is not the sole management of the zoo? 🤔
🚫💰 I hope they don't give control of the zoo to other entities that are run by outside corporations because then prices will go up. If that happens, I will protest. Let's keep the zoo accessible and enjoyable for everyone! 🌿🐒

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