STILL Unsafe School Zone

Here’s the latest video caught today as I picked up my children, with not only 1 but multiple vehicles involved.

It’s been 6 months since I first notified EPISD and met with the Board, EPPD, EPISDPD, and District 1 Rep. Peter S. of the traffic situation at Tippin Elementary when I witnessed a wrong way driver and a crash.

NOTHING has been done other than we were able to get volunteers (myself included) trained up to help walk the parents and kids.

As a volunteer and someone who routinely picks up my children from Tippin Elementary, I have witnessed this type of situation almost everyday at this point now. Cars are creating their own lanes and driving into opposing traffic.

Is this what we can expect from the school district and our local government? Silence, inaction, placating words, thoughts and prayers? To have traffic routinely drive on the wrong side of the road with students and their parents walking around said cars and drivers is a SAFE environment for our children?

Our children deserve more than words, we need action before ANOTHER is killed by something that is PREVENTABLE if only the officials would act and enforce the rules already established.

My “hopes and dreams” are very simple at this point to be able to pick up my children and walk other children in safety without having to dodge multiple cars driving in the wrong direction and obeying the laws.

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