Unmasking El Paso’s Dirty Politics: A Call for Change and Accountability!

📢 You know what's wrong with El Paso? 😡 Dirty politics! This woman is sending out mailers accusing someone else of not being Democratic enough, apparently. Even though the record shows that the other candidate, Perez, consistently voted Democrat.

😤 I'm tired of people running solely on their political party. 🫏🐘👎 Who cares about the party? They have shown time again they don't care about people, just politicians. We should care about the people! 🙌 This is why good people don't run because the other candidates will just try to smear them. This reminds me of how that other guy, Jorge Rivas, tried to smear Judge Beaza when she was running. 😠

We're looking for the best candidate for the job and how they will conduct themselves. I heard Linda Perez speak at a meeting. She deeply cares about the court system and strives to find a fair way to mediate. Just because of this dirty way that she's handling PR, I'm voting AGAINST Linda Estrada and FOR Linda Perez. Let's show them that dirty politics has no place in El Paso. 🗳️💪

Don't reward petty politics and negative behaviors. Vote for PEREZ for Judge El Paso County Criminal Court at Law No. 1. 🗳️✅

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