Chihuahuas BaseBall

We were blessed with tickets to see the Chihuahuas beat the Round Rock Express 6-5. It was a Gold Out event to fight cancer and there was a really cool interlude in the 6th inning where you can highlight who you are supporting. I chose to highlight the Adopt-A-Mom Facebook group which does so much for our community, recently with the donations to the migrants and also deported soldiers.

A couple of tips I wanted to point out:

-Kids can get free buttons for various celebrations like birthdays, 1st visit etc. Just stop by guest relations where they have the kids club sign-ups.

-There are people walking around picking people to participate in various games and win prizes like branded towels etc. It fills up quickly so ask when you get into the game ASAP.

-The best value souvenir is the branded umbrella in my opinion, super cute, and it’s useful for hot and rainy days which today unexpectedly was both. It is well made, super heavy though, with a real wood core and handles, which makes it sturdy against the high winds. $32 after taxes.

-If you want food or drinks, you can definitely mobile order but know that half the menu isn’t on there yet. I used it for my kids hot dogs meal since they get whiny and you know kids are, they don’t like to wait. Super convenient and it was extremely easy to order and pickup.
Also the 3rd floor has little to no lines if you’re in a rush. Some places don’t have the full menu, so choose wisely before getting in line.

-Take advantage of the vendors tables, we got free swag (glasses and clear backpacks) just by talking to them about fiber. Also we got a souvenir cup for spinning a wheel at the cow milk table.

-Food averages about $7-$12 and it’s hard to get full, so I highly recommend stopping by a place like Deadbeach to get some really good food and drinks, there’s a parking lot near there that charges $8 and it’s a nice 5 minute walk to the stadium from there.

I love that we have such wholesome outings for our kiddos and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (former Angels stadium regular where parking alone is $25-$30). The stadium environment has a hometown feel (not too big not too small) and after 2.5 years here, I finally recognize some friendly faces and their families. People are just fun to watch and interact with in El Paso. Love how the jumbotron shows the excited kids and parents too.

Check them out! I think they have 5 or 6 games left and next Saturday is the last fireworks one.

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